Who LOVES free games? Well I do……………………………………..

And that why I am sharing with you the top 10 free games that you can get on the META quest 2 via the sidequest app. Some ofthese games link to to applab games but they are all free!

How were they picked?

The games were selected based upon filleting the TOP games on side quest which uses a combination of the number of downloads, rating and the amount of views the game has had.

How many downloads did the games have

10 – Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location (186k downloads)
9 – Voxelworks (163.5k downloads)
8 – HIbow (174.2 downloads)
7 – AIM XR (225.8k downloads)
6 – V-Speedway (317.7k downloads)
5 – QuestCraft (340.7k downloads)
4 – Gorilla Tag (440k downloads)
3 – Physics playground (503.5k downloads)
2 – Attack on Quest (675k downloads)
1 – Pavlov Shack (1.2m downloads)

What games didn’t make it despite being at the top?

BMBF – Its an app not a game
Battle talent – Did not work when I tried the game
Discovery (Minecraft copy) – Not free
Tea of God – Prerelease
Doom3Quest – Did not work when I tried it
Lambda1vr (Half life vr) – Requires purchase of original half life game
QuestZdoom – Did not work when I tried to play it

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