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In case you haven’t realized, the Chinese game market, much like the Chinese market in general, does not have copyright laws, so therefore, they can blatantly copy a character like Widowmaker from Overwatch to put into their own game called “Legend of Titan”.

The Pokemon Go copy is the most impressive by far, with the game only being out for a few weeks and there already being a rip off of it… At least name it something different than City Elves Go!

This list includes 5 of the most (arguably) popular online games up to 2016.

The games being copied are…

1. “Overwatch”
2. “Pokemon Go”
3. “Hearthstone”
4. “League of Legends”
5. “Team Fortress 2”

Retrospectively, their rip offs are…

1. “Legend of Titan”
2. “City Elves GO” (“城市精靈GO”)
3. “Sleeping Dragon: Heroes of Three Kingdoms” (“無聲音”)
4. “300 Heroes”
5. “Final Combat”

If you don’t think Final Combat looks like Team Fortress 2…

In my opinion, the most obvious, most blatant, and most shameless knockoffs are Legend of Titan (Overwatch), 300 Heroes (LoL), and Sleeping Dragon: Heroes of Three Kingdoms (Hearthstone). I bet many of you didn’t even know such a Hearthstone copy existed, huh?

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