Don’t miss our GTA 6 trailer breakdown! The GTA 6 trailer is finally here and we’ve looked over the entire footage and uncovered 99 hidden and hard to find details littered throughout our first look at GTA VI.

There are lots of cool new things to pick out from this brand new Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer from Rockstar Games, and in our GTA 6 trailer deep dive, we examine clues about GTA 6 map locations, hints about the GTA 6 world, glimpses of what might happen in the GTA 6 story, references to GTA Vice City, and more.

The GTA 6 release date is 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Credit to tachyon_v for the map creation

For more on Grand Theft Auto VI, check out our GTA 6 trailer reaction video:

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