We are running out of things to do during lockdown, and terribly missing our family and friends. Do you know gaming releases free from stress?, For sure Playing with friends must be a stress buster. Here is a list of multiplayer mobile games played in groups, emerges spike in download as well as in mobile usage. If you ever played games during lockdown, this video may lead to the start of your gaming career. Here we go.

1.Ludo King
2.PUBG- PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
3.8-Ball Pool
Most of you watching this video would be familiar and frequent players with the games mentioned above. In case if you were unaware of this game, these can act as a popular recommendations for you to download and give them a try. These games are really stress busters and keep bringing you closer to your loved ones, and they act as a refreshing source of enjoyment and positivity. Hope you enjoyed our video please do subscribe and stay connected.
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