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Hello, guys recently the most popular online games which are being played by millions of people have been identified and listed. These are the list of those game whose online user have been more than any other games. So, guys watch and enjoy the video.And Give your feedback too about the games.
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✍✍✍List of them: ✍✍✍
6. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online first-person shooter developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. The second most played game on Steam, and the fourth most popular MMO, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the youngest games on the list. The fourth game in the Counter Strike family came out in 2012 and was the best selling MMO of that year, with more than 12 million copies sold.

Initial release date: August 21, 2012
Awards: The Game Award for Best ESports Game
Developers: Valve Corporation, Hidden Path Entertainment
Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Macintosh operating systems, Linux
5. World of Warcraft
Last year, World of Warcraft lost more than 40% of its subscribers, however, they still remain a force to be reckoned with, garnering the coveted third spot on the most played list. World of Warcraft saw a slight boost in players this month, most likely due to the upcoming release of Blizzard’s new game Overwatch (which I am extremely excited to play.)

Initial release date: November 23, 2004
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Expansion packs: World of Warcraft: Legion, more
Awards: VGX Award for Best RPG, VGX Award for Best PC Game, more
Designers: Tom Chilton, Jeffrey Kaplan, Rob Pardo
4. Dota 2
Dota 2 toppled the Blizzard giant in terms of numbers less than two years ago. It is the most played game on Steam. Dota 2 has about 15 million unique players (nearly twice the amount of WoW), with roughly one million players signing in each day.

Initial release date: July 9, 2013
Developer: Valve Corporation
Designer: IceFrog
Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
3. Overwatch
The only new addition to this list, Overwatch have managed to secure 20 million unique registered players (important distinction, 20 million players, not 20 million copies sold). Since its release earlier this year, Overwatch has managed to become a huge game, and evidently a huge (and needed) pay off for Blizzard.

Initial release date: May 24, 2016
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Rating: Teen
Awards: The Game Award for Game Of The Year, more
Designers: Scott Mercer, Jeremy Craig, Michael Elliott
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
2. Hearthstone
Another Blizzard game makes the list! And this one beats out Overwatch by 30 million players.

Initial release date: March 11, 2014
Engine: Unity
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: Collectible card game
Awards: The Game Award for Best Mobile/Handheld Game, British Academy Games Award for Multiplayer
Platforms: Android, iOS, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows
1. League of Legends
League of Legends has dominated the online market since at least 2012. Four years ago, the massively popular game had about 12 million people a day, and about 32 million unique players every month. The game has now grown to an impressive 100 million players a month who play the game for more than one billion hours.

Initial release date: October 27, 2009
Developer: Riot Games
Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
Awards: BAFTA Games Award for Persistent Game, Golden Joystick Award for Online Game of the Year
Designers: Steve Feak, Colt ‘Ezreal’ Hallam, Tom Cadwell, Rob Garrett, Christina Norman
Platforms: macOS, Microsoft Windows
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