When looking at online gaming, shooting games have always been up there with some of the most popular. Whether they’re the most intense games with highly-rendered and detailed graphics and incredibly complex gameplay, or they’re a simple FPS shooter, they all are popular for many reasons. These reasons span from their appeal and content to their gameplay and their audiences.

The gameplay and content of online shooting games are arguably the main reasons why they are so popular among gamers. Throughout 2018, shooting games were consistently one of the most bought and most played on all game platforms. Considering this, all of these games share similar content or similar gameplay which is shooting. Although understanding that these games do span a large range of different sub-categories and sub-genres, their common denominator is shooting, in some way or another. It is this act of shooting that makes these games so popular. Perhaps it is the power of being able to take another’s life or just the visceral nature of shooting a gun, but they are popular for one reason or another.

When looking at online shooting games for PCs, there is one reason that screams out as to why they are so popular. It is simply that they are free and online. Firstly, consider the former. Anything that is free and of good quality is going to be popular. Audiences love things that are free and will use them if they can do so without any payment. Secondly, shooting games that are online are hugely accessible. To be able to play on the go, or at any PC or computer, or anywhere through a mobile or through app stores, allows for players to access games whenever they want. As long as the gamers have an internet connection, then they can connect and play. This convenience is a huge advantage to those who love to play games and adds to the reason why online shooting games are so popular.

Online shooting games often have multiplayer or 2 player modes. To be able to play with friends or random players across the globe elevates the gaming experience for players. Killing and maiming your friends, in a virtual sense, could arguably be an enjoyable feeling to some players. Being able to destroy others and show off your superior shooting skills to friends is a fun and enjoyable feature that is present in online shooting games.

For online free shooting games, the audience tends to have the same demographic. Young boys and men are often the target audience and the actual demographic for these games. Considering this factor, when looking at the demographics of gamers, males tend to be more inclined to be playing than females. This sway towards males suggests that online shooting games in 2018 are popular because a large proportion of their audience are already gamers and already playing these kinds of games.