Roblox in 2022: The Popular Games Experience.

In today’s cursed Roblox video, I am revisiting some of the most popular games on Roblox, to see what they are like in 2022! In this video I play games such as Brookhaven, Da Hood, Bloxburg, Adopt Me and more! I swear each and every one of these games are fun, yet extremely cursed by the player bases. On top of that, my video editing software was not co-operating bast Bee Swarm Sim, so it makes it even more cursed, but it fits the theme lmao.

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–Music Used In Order-
Shroom Ridge – Mario Kart DS
Onett – Earthbound
Able Sisters – Animal Crossing New Leaf
Waluigi Pinball – Smash 4
StreetPass Mii Plaza – Nintendo 3DS
Lava Castle – Subnautica
Bowser’s Lava Lair – Super Mario Galaxy 2
Luigi’s Room – Luigi’s Mansion 3
Sun & Moon – Subnautica
End Credits – Mario 64