Red Dead Online has always been seen as neglected by Rockstar Games since its launch. A Red Dead Online update was rare. Every new Red Dead Online update was treasured by RDO fans. Even a Save Red Dead Online trend wasn’t enough to tempt Rockstar… until today?

In this video, we go over the new RDO update.

Every RDR2 update had hype but always ended up being disappointed. However, features such as Nvidia DLSS were liked by RDO PC players. Maybe Rockstar thought about adding more features like that to RDR2 Online? We’ll find out in this video. We’ll look at everything in the new Red Dead update, including the new RDO telegram missions. RDO telegrams are generally very popular, so this is a good addition by Rockstar Games. This update included AMD FSR 2.0 which is good to see for PC gamers! Maybe… just maybe… this will have players back on Red Dead Redemption 2! Players would love a new beginning for Red Dead 2 Online. It’s great to see a new RDR2 update for RDRO for Red Dead Online 2022.

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