The most popular esports games in 2022.
Video games have truly become a pillar of modern entertainment, with the most successful titles enduring for well over a decade.
Esports games take thing a step further, taking the simple activity and tuurning it into a highly competitive affair.
The most popular esports of all have given out hundreds of millions in combined prize money with viewership number in the millions, When it comes to popularity, few games come even close to the big esport titles.
Gaming has become a sport all over the world, and there are investments in teams like never before.
This also influenced casinos to add them to their sportsbooks.
You maynot do point spread betting on traditional sports, but you can certainly bet on your favorite esports team to win in the most popular games.
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League of Legends.
It can be difficul to judge the exact popularity of a video games since an estimate must factor in viewership, player counts, and the pro scene.