Hello guys, this is Game Marshall. In this video I will discuss about top 10 battle royale games for android. I ranked all the games as their google play store rating. I tried my best to provide all the information. I hope you all will like it. Please enjoy the video.

Here are the links. You can download all the games from google play store for free. Enjoy it.
10. Rocket Royale (4.0 star in 272K reviews)- 143MB

09. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival (3.8 star in 1M reviews)- 346MB

08. Super Mecha Champions (4.4 star in 107K reviews)- 2.1GB

07. Creative Destruction (4.1 star in 1M reviews)- 2.1GB

06. Cyber Hunter (4.0 star in 452K reviews)- 2.2GB

05. Rules of Survival (3.9 star in 1M reviews)- 3.0GB

04. Fortnite (4.3 star in 391K reviews)- 8.2GB

03. Call of Duty: Mobile (4.5 star in 10M reviews)- 2.1GB

02. Garena Free Fire (4.1 star in 60M reviews)- 580MB

01. Pubg Mobile (4.0 star in 31M reviews)- 1.9GB

Pubg Mobile Lite (4.2 star in 6M reviews)- 556MB


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