Top 10 Most Popular & Played Online Games (2020)
In this video, I will introduce for you Top 10 Most Popular & Played online games 2020. Most of the people think negatively that Games are only for entertainment and wasting of time. But I think games can be for refreshments and also, in the current era most of the new generation is having enough good earning from playing games online. Therefore, every year we are facing new games and the games which players are playing online. They have also good income and their skills are becoming high on playing the game. I thought that taking a review and short introduction of the games could be important. And you should have more information about upcoming games.
However, most of the games that released in 2020 are highly required graphics. And required the gaming PC with the high graphic card, RAM, and other things. #MostPopularGames #MostPlayedGames
Ranking With Time Stamp
▬1. 0:14 PlayerUnkown Battle Grounds “PUBG”
▬2. 1:36 Fortnite Battle Royale
▬3. 2:56 League of Legends
▬4. 4:36 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
▬5. 5:46 Minecraft
▬6. 6:48 Apex Legends
▬7. 7:44 Hearthstone
▬8. 8:26 DOTA 2
▬9. 9:50 Division 2
▬10. 11:04 Splatoon 2
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